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SSK Z5 Craftsman 13 inch Baseball First Base Mitt Z5-1300cml9, Mens, Size: One Size

SSK Z5 Craftsman 13 inch Baseball First Base Mitt Z5-1300cml9, Mens, Size: One Size

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Premium Cowhide Nameshi Leather The SSK Z5 Craftsman Series features our Premium Cowhide Nameshi Leather; this exceptional leather has a game-ready feel, is smooth, soft, and easy to shape. The Premium Cowhide Nameshi Leather is lightweight, easy to shape, very durable, and easily forms to your hand and playing style. Game-Ready Feel The SSK Z5 Craftsman Series undergoes an extra factory break-in process to ensure a game-ready feel. Players can open their package from SSK and immediately start using their new Z5 glove. The game-ready feel from the Z5 Craftsman Series is best for players who want a glove that already has a great shape and feel with a very minimal break-in time. DIMPLE Sensor Technology The SSK DIMPLE Sensor Technology helps players maintain grip of the ball after every groundball or catch. The DIMPLE Technology is located deep in the palm at the catching point of the glove to help reduce spin, increase grip, and creates an easier glove to hand transfer. Top Grain Leather Lacing For Long Lasting Durability with High Tensile Strength SSK Glove Lace is put through rigorous tests to ensure unmatched strength and durability for maximum performance Palm Overlap The palm shell leather overlap under the web increases pocket stability and helps the gloves shape over time Plush Leather Palm Lining and Ultra-comfortable Finger Linings Combination of the soft palm and the smooth finger linings for the best feeling glove available Conventional Back with Soft Wrist Liner Z5 Gloves come with a soft wrist liner that helps your hand stay comfortable, and cool at all times Premium Leather Binding The Z5 Craftsman Glove Series has our premium leather binding which provides comfort when putting on and taking off your glove along with an increase in glove control and feel Rolled Welting The Rolled Welting on our Craftsman Gloves, delivers increased support and helps your glove hold its shape year after year Shokunin Craftsman Approved All Z5 Craftsman Baseball Gloves are Shokunin approved from our Japanese Glove Masters Professional Patterns Our Z5 Glove Patterns are tested by our worldwide athletes and players to make sure our gloves perform at the highest levels season after season SSK Baseball Gloves have been handcrafted since 1946 Designed and Handcrafted for All Baseball Players All Z5 Craftsman Gloves come with an SSK branded glove bag

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